We are a store in Lebanon that has been established since 2020. We sell skin care products – hair and body, in addition to cosmetics.
Ever since our establishment, we have been keen to provide the best products that we deliver to the customer who has the right to find original products from international brands in his local market.
From the start of our business, we have been receiving great demands from our customers because of our services that we provide at all stages of the sale. This is what made us today a well-known and important store that has many customers in all Lebanese regions.

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Mohamad Hanoun A Lebanese young man who studied business administration at the Lebanese University and then joined the master’s classes in digital marketing In the year 2020, Mohamad wanted to increase his financial income when he was working in an office as a data entry operator, so he decided to open his own small business. The financial obstacle was the first wall he faced in all the options that were available to him. However, he defied all circumstances to start his small investment in the world of cosmetics, at a value of 100,000 LL. With the passage of days and nights, Mohamad managed, with 100,000 LL, to own a store with it’s name and audience in Lebanon.
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